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Domains .nexus - basic information

  • How to register a internet domain .nexus?

  • Minimum registration and renewal period
    1 year
  • Registration time
  • Restrictions
  • How much does a .nexus domain cost?

  • Registration fee
    99,00 PLN net / year
  • Renewal fee
    99,00 PLN net / year
  • Trade fee
    Free of charge
  • Domain reactivation fee
    0 - 14 days after renewal date:
    Free of charge
    14 - 28 days after renewal date:
    80,00 PLN net
    Additional restore fee paybale after domain renewal date. Restore is possible only within 28 days past that date.
  • How does the .nexus domain transfer proceed?

  • Transfer time
    6 days
  • Transfer fee
    99,00 PLN net
    Transfer operation is possible no earlier than 60 days after domain registration or last transfer and will add one year to the current expiration date of the domain. This is a paid operation, please make sure there are sufficient funds available on your pre-paid account. Domain must not be locked for transfer by the current registrar (no REGISTRAR-LOCK status). You need to confirm the transfer at the e-mail address of the registrant (as in WHOIS database). If you currently use privacy protection for your domain, please make sure you will be able to receive confirmation e-mail or disable this feature. If the domain had been reactivated after its expiration within last 60 days, additional year of validity will not be added.
    Domain transfer extends its validity by 1 year.

Additional information about .nexus domain

The word "nexus" comes from Latin and means connection point, junction or center. Additionally, it has several other meanings:

1. In technology, "nexus" refers to a device created by Google, the so-called "Nexus", which was a series of smartphones and tablets running on Android.

2. In the context of science and research, "nexus" can mean a connection point between different fields of knowledge or concepts, for example "nexus between science and art" or "nexus between theory and practice".

3. In politics, "nexus" refers to the relationship between different social groups or interests, for example "nexus between business and politics" or "nexus between government and opposition".

4. In fantasy, "nexus" can mean the point where different worlds or dimensions come together.

All .nexus domain names must be protected with a valid and trusted SSL certificate. Without it, websites with addresses with this extension will not work. You can purchase a certificate (single domain or wildacrd) when ordering a domain.

Domain nexus - information on the registry

.nexus - new TLD

Available TLD: .nexus
Registry address: nieopublikowany
Public WHOIS server:

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