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Transfer your domain to us in 3 easy steps. We guarantee a fixed price list, easy service management and professional customer service help.

Transfer your domain to us in 3 easy steps

Enter the domain name you want to transfer into the search field and check its transfer conditions.
Log in to the administration panel or register a new account.
Enter the domain name and the auth code. To pay for the transfer, top-up a prepaid account. Transfer initiated.

Domain to transfer

{{ tc.domain }}

Additional informations

  • Transfer requires auth code
  • Transfer doesn't extend the domain
  • Transfer extend the domain
  • The domain transfer sets domain validity as in a new registration
  • You must provide domain owner information for the transfer
  • Transfer price: {{ }} zł net / {{ }} zł gross
  • Transfer is free

Transferring multiple domains?

Contact us, we will help in formalities

Why transfer to us?

Fixed and transparent price list

We believe in fair business principles - we do not offer domains for free, we do not require signing unfavorable contracts, nor do we apply promotion rules with hidden terms. All prices and conditions are available for checking at any time.

Manage services easily

Manage domains in a convenient administration panel. Quickly check the status and settings of services, modify contact and payment details, change the DNS servers and set the owner change.

Count on professional customer service

The domain service should be entrusted to a partner with experience. If you plan international expansion, we will advise you on registering names in extensions from different countries and help with formalities.

Domain consolidation

Managing domains and services in different companies requires a lot of attention and is inconvenient. Inadvertently you may lose any of your names. Move domain service to one place and avoid many potential problems associated with portfolio management.

Prices of the most popular domains


Registration price Domain incoming transfer to Renewal price **
.pl 9,90 12,18 PLN * 0,00 0,00 PLN 99,00 121,77 PLN
.pl functional (,, 9,90 12,18 PLN * 0,00 0,00 PLN 79,00 97,17 PLN
.pl regional (, 9,90 12,18 PLN * 0,00 0,00 PLN 79,00 97,17 PLN
.eu 9,90 12,18 PLN 24,90 30,63 PLN 69,00 84,87 PLN
.com 49,90 61,38 PLN 49,90 61,38 PLN 99,00 121,77 PLN
.org 59,90 73,68 PLN 59,90 73,68 PLN 99,00 121,77 PLN
.tv 129,00 158,67 PLN 129,00 158,67 PLN 149,00 183,27 PLN
.net 59,90 73,68 PLN 59,90 73,68 PLN 99,00 121,77 PLN
.de 29,00 35,67 PLN 59,00 72,57 PLN 59,00 72,57 PLN
.cz 47,20 58,06 PLN 0,00 0,00 PLN 59,00 72,57 PLN
.sk 79,00 97,17 PLN 79,00 97,17 PLN 179,00 220,17 PLN 49,00 60,27 PLN 0,00 0,00 PLN 49,00 60,27 PLN

Click on the domain extension to and check the detailed transfer conditions.

* The price for domain registration is valid for the first year only.
** Price for domain renewal is valid only if payment is received by us no later than domain expiration day or within 14 days after expiration. You may renew domains for up to 9 years by multiplying renewal fees.
*** The transfer of expired domains is payable as part of the renewal price.

Domain transfer - FAQ

  1. It's best to transfer your domain while it's still active. Transfer after the name has expired is not always possible. Some registries also prevent you from migrating within a certain period of time after registering, renewing, or moving a domain.

    The .pl domain name can be transferred even up to 30 days after it expires. It is then necessary to pay an annual extension of its validity. Detailed information on the transfer procedures can be found after selecting the extension from the domain database.

  2. Log in to the administrative panel or create an account on the site: You will initiate the transfer in the "Domains" / "Domain transfer" tab.

    Enter the domain name you want to transfer and the auth code (if required). If the transfer is possible under certain conditions or additional documents are needed, you will receive information about them after entering the domain name.

  3. Get the auth code from your current domain registrar. Some extensions may require additional documentation to be received. The code is requested in the administrative panel or by sending a completed form, which is usually provided by the registrar.

    IMPORTANT: The auth code for the .pl domain should be issued free of charge and promptly at your every request.

  4. The auth code (also called EPP code) is necessary for transferring most domains. It is required for the most popular extensions: .pl, .com, .eu, .de, .org, .net, .biz.

  5. The time usually depends on the transfer procedure in the given registry (including whether the subscriber must provide additional documents).

    The .pl domain transfer takes a maximum of 5 days, but the duration of the operation depends on how quickly the subscriber confirms it (so it can take about an hour). The domain name transfer in global extensions takes a maximum of 6 days. German (.de) and European (.eu) domains are transferred very quickly - within a few minutes.

  6. Transfer of global and active Polish domains does not shorten their validity period. When moving inactive domains, you must extend their validity by one year. In country code extensions, these rules differ. Detailed information on the transfer procedures can be found after selecting the extension from the domain database.

  7. During the transfer, the domain works as before, without any interruptions. The domain transfer does not change its delegation.

Need help with domain transfer?

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