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Registrar API

We offer our partners an option to use our API for .pl domains. Using the API you can check domain availability, register domains and manage them from within your own application. You can also integrate .pl domain registration to your website, if you are a registrar.

Top features of using our API:

Wholesale domain pricing

If you manage domains by yourself you can get a lot better prices. Take a look at our wholesale pricing.

Domain API

Robust SOAP based API which includes .pl domains and most other gTLDs and ccTLDs from our offer as well as DNS management. API Documentation (PL) API Documentation (EN)

Sample PHP class with SOAP API command support

WHMCS module

WHMCS is world-class software to offer domain and hosting services on a subscription basis. It allows automatization of ordering, payment and magament process. It is perfect to quickly launch your own label sales platform, using our API. We offer a free module for WHMCS that works with our API. Learn more about WHMCS. APIs are available to all our customers. First, you will be given access to a test server, where you can perform all domain operations without being charged. This will allow you to build your own application or integrate our API with your existing system. We can help you by providing sample PHP classes or complete WHMCS module free of charge.

Start using Registrar API

After you have finished testing your application, you will be switched to real environment. The requirement at this stage is that your pre-paid balance must be at least 500 PLN. All of it which may be however used for paid domain operations like registrations and renewals, there are no API usage fees. You can learn more about the API in the domain administration panel, in API section. You will be able to activate both test and production access from there.

If you want to know more about the API, feel free to contact us.

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