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Domain subscriber change for .pl and other domains

When people buy or sell a domain name very often they do not realize how important it is to do a formal registrant data change in the registry. Only then we may be sure that rights and obligations arising from domain name agreement are passed from one party to another.

Online subscriber change

Subscriber change using this method is simple and secure. Confirmation is being done by both parties in a secure way, on a secure site, accessible only using a dedicated link for each such transaction.

How to change domain subscriber for a .pl domain

In order to start the online procedure, domain name must be present on your account in In case of .pl domains, find it on .pl domain list in the administration panel. Then change the view to professional one and "Subscriber change" icon will appear.

Cesja domeny .pl na liście domen

Click that icon. You will be redirected to online subscriber change form. It is pre-filled with current data saved for that domain name. Fill out carefully all remaining fields and save the form.

Cesja domeny formularz

Current and new one subsribers will then receive e-mails that contain individual links to a page, where they will be able to confirm or reject this operation.

Cesja domeny potwierdzenie

Each party must confirm the change. Once both parties agree, transaction will be processed automatically. In case one party rejects the operation or does not respond within 5 days, change will be cancelled.

We reserve the right to ask you to submit properly filled in regular domain subscriber change form in justifiable cases. Lack of submission of such form may result in cancellation of the change operation.

Change domain subcriber using the form

You can also use the domain subscriber change form and deliver it to us using mail, fax or e-mail. If you want to use it, download a proper domain update form.

How to change domain subscriber for other domain names

Enter the administration panel. View country code (foreign) domain list and find the domain name you want to edit. Change view to professional. Icons "Edit contact data" or "Subscriber change" will appear. After clicking on it, you will see further instructions on how to proceed regarding this domain type.

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